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Debugging JMeter Plug-ins

When developing your own plugins, you’ll no doubt need to debug some sort of problem sooner or later. Writing log messages or even just printing directly to stdout will often give you the info you need, but eventually, you’ll want to hook up a debugger and step through your code. Fortunately, this is very easy […]

Faster JMeter If Controllers

When load testing to a large scale, it’s just as important for your test scripts to be optimized as it is for your servers. Your tests will often need to simulate thousands of users on a single physical box running JMeter and so you need to be running as efficiently as possible. If you are […]

Using JMeter’s Table Editor

Following on from my previous post about creating custom JMeter components, I thought it worth taking a look at using the test bean table editor as it’s a good way of editing lists for your own components. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have much documentation and only actually works due to type erasure! I’ve put together another […]